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Top 10 wedding trends for 2019

Every year, we begin to see new trends emerge as couples look for fresh and innovative touches to make their wedding day unique. Over the past few years, some of the biggest trends we’ve noticed are geometric shapes, personalized food selections, and rustic tablescapes. 

As we move into 2019, we’re looking forward to seeing how brides reinterpret trends to fit their tastes and styles. Here’s the top 10 trends we already see emerging in the Triad: 


Brunch Weddings

Photo by Aesthetic Images

Photo by Aesthetic Images

A brunch wedding can offer a fresh and fun feeling, without compromising sophistication. In addition to potential cost savings, a brunch wedding offers additional flexibility for the rest of your wedding day, not to mention a lot of fun food options. Think about it -- after having an early ceremony and brunch, you and your guests will still have hours to party and celebrate! 



From centerpieces to bouquets, we’ve seen a huge increase in brides who utilize succulents, vines, ferns, and ivy. We’re also starting to see more greenery used as a backdrop for a couple’s vows – think lush arches and walls of foliage. 

Photo by Jamie Blow

Photo by Jamie Blow

NON traditional desserts

While many newlyweds still want to cut the cake, more couples are opting for alternatives to the large, traditional wedding cake. Macaroons, donuts, pies, brownie bars and cupcakes are popular options – and they all have the added bonus that they are easy to serve. Smaller desserts also allow for more flavor options, ensuring every guest will find a sweet treat they enjoy. 


Jewel Tones

Rich, moody jewel tones are back in a big way this year and not just for fall weddings. After a few years of muted and pale colors reigning, rich dark jewel tones are taking hold as 2019’s preferred palette. 



We’ve been seeing this trend every where we turn – from velvet t-shirts and dresses to throw pillows. Now the trend is hitting the wedding scene, with couples opting for velvet table cloths and décor accents. Velvet’s rich texture is perfect for fall and winter wedding décor. 



We’ve seen a lot of blush over the past two years, but as 2019 approaches, we’re beginning to see a move toward dusty lavenders and purples. These muted shades of purple are versatile and can work well for any season. 


Minimalist wedding dresses 

The Meghan Markle dress trend will continue to inspire looks in 2019, with brides opting for understated frocks with clean lines. 


Neon Signs

You’ve probably started seeing the neon signs popping up on Instagram and Pinterest – they often have cute sayings in a cursive font – well, now these chic signs are working their way into the wedding scene. They’re the perfect accent for behind the head table at the reception or for a photobooth backdrop! 


Photo Courtesy of Revolution Mill

Photo Courtesy of Revolution Mill

Venues with heritage 

Out with the barn weddings and in with the reclaimed mills and industrial spaces. In 2019, we’re expecting to see a continued increase in couples who are opting for the unique look of a reclaimed venue. Mills and industrial spaces offer the same great textures of wood and metal you would get in a barn, but with a more modern feel. You can probably guess why this is easily our favorite trend of 2019! 



Food stations

More creative dining options have been on the rise lately, and we anticipate the trend to continue into 2019. Many couples are moving away from seated dinners in favor of action or food stations. A few of Pepper Moon Catering’s most popular food stations are the mashed potato martini bar, shrimp and grits station, and carving stations. 


Leave us a comment and tell us what your favorite trends of 2018 were! What are you looking forward to seeing more of in 2019? 

Whether you’re a vendor, newly married, or in the early stages of planning your wedding, we’d love to hear what you think! 

Wedding Color Schemes for Every Season

Looking for wedding color scheme inspiration? Some colors never go out of style! 

To help you get inspired, we’ve pulled together four of our favorite color schemes – one for every season. Each time of year has it’s own feel that you’ll be able to incorporate into your signature cocktail, food, floral arrangements, and décor.  

When it comes to picking season appropriate colors, think about your venue and what will work in the space. Every year different colors are trending, but no matter what time of year you decide to get married, don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite colors. 


Spring Inspiration

Spring is the perfect time for soft colors and muted tones. With flowers blooming, our courtyard looks better than ever – making it the perfect time to incorporate extra greenery and soft pinks. 

This scheme of soft pink, linen, and moss is one of our all-time favorites: 

Photo Credit: April Larson Photo

Photo Credit: April Larson Photo



Summer Inspiration

Summer is the ideal time to get bold and adventurous! Fruity cocktails, sunflowers, and bright pops of color are all on the table for your summer soiree. 

Why pick one shade of pink when you can pick them all? We love this combination of blush, strawberry pink, coral, and rose:

Photo Credit: The NIXONS Photography

Photo Credit: The NIXONS Photography



Fall Inspiration 

No need to make your bridesmaids wear orange -- think outside traditional autumn colors for your fall color scheme. Fall is the perfect time for warm lighting, cozy drinks and seasonal centerpieces with pinecones and leaves. And hey, we won’t judge if you want to incorporate a pumpkin spice cocktail!

Spicy and imperial, this color scheme combines rich eggplant and garnet for a lush feel:

Photo Credit: Amanda Sutton Photo 

Photo Credit: Amanda Sutton Photo 



Winter Inspiration

Winter is a great time for soft, dusty colors or deep rich tones. Candles, rustic wood, and a signature cocktail can help create a cozy feel for your big day. 

For an unexpected winter scheme, we love this dusty lilac, sage and rich purple scheme. The succulents and berries are an ideal way to keep your bouquet season appropriate: 

Photo Credit: The NIXONS Photography

Photo Credit: The NIXONS Photography



Still feeling stumped? Play with one of these color scheme generators to help you come up with the perfect look: